Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday

A lot of the Black Friday weekend sales are continuing for Cyber Monday.  Do yourself a favor and pick up this off the shoulder fuzzy sweater...

Here are the stores to check out today:

White House Black Market - 40% off total purchase and free shipping (code 47171)
Banana Republic - 50% off everything and free shipping (BRSHIP)
GAP - 50% off everything and free shipping (CYBER) + extra 10% off everything (TREAT)
Old Navy - 50% off everything
JCrew - 40% off + extra 10% off purchase until noon and free shipping (SHOPFAST)
Loft - 50% off everything and free shipping (CLICK)
Ann Taylor - 50% off everything and free shipping (BESTMONDAY)
Macy's - Extra 20% off (15% select depts) w/ code CYBER
Nordstrom - Extra 20% select sale items
QVC - Select Sale Items, Free shipping and 5+ Easy Pays on Beauty and Electronics
Amazon - Cyber Monday Deals Week
DSW - 25% off everything (HOLIDAY2017)
Express - 50% off everything and free shipping
American Eagle - 40% off and free shipping
Banana Republic Factory - 60% off everything and free shipping (CYBERSALE) + extra 10% off with GAP Inc. credit card (BRCARD)
Gap Factory - 60% off everything + extra 15% off and free shipping (CYBERGF)
JCrew Factory - 60% off everything and extra 50% off clearance (CYBER)

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Shopping Deals and Steals

Since I'm not a huge fan of fighting the crowds, I only ventured out to three stores yesterday.  I did manage to score this beautiful, festive skirt at White House Black Market for 40% off and this comfy sweater at the Loft for 50% off.

                                                               Jacquard Skirt                         Boatneck Sweater

Many stores are still running their Black Friday deals today.  Here are the current sales:

White House Black Market - 40% off total purchase (online code 65045)
Banana Republic - 50% off regular priced items + additional 10% off for cardmembers
GAP - 50% off total purchase (online code BLKFRIDAY) + 10% off w/code JUST4YOU
Old Navy - Cyber Weekend Sale 40% off everything, no exclusions online
JCrew - 40% off select items (code THANKU)
Loft - 50% off everything (online code FRIYAY)
Ann Taylor - 50% off everything (online code GOPINK)
Macy's - Extra 20% off (15% select depts) w/ code HURRY
Nordstrom - Extra 20% select sale items
QVC - Select Sale Items, Free shipping and 5+ Easy Pays on Beauty and Electronics
Kohl's - Extra 20% off w/code BUYNOW20
Amazon - Cyber Monday Deals Week
Ulta - Online only offers
DSW - 20% off everything w/code BLACKFRI20
Banana Republic Factory - 60% off entire store + additional 10% off for cardmembers (online code BRCARD)
GAP Factory - Everything 60% and free shipping over $50 w/code BFSHIP
Express - Up to 50% off everything
American Eagle - 40% off and free shipping

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fresh, Crusty, Homemade Bread

The Food Network is one of my favorite channels available through my over-priced cable company.  While I don't make half the dishes I see prepared on there, I'm intrigued by the various gadgets used to prepare the meals...especially a dutch oven/cast iron pot, which is just a pot with a lid that can go in the oven or be used on the stove. 

There are many types of dutch ovens out there at various prices:
Le Creuset
Food Network
Amazon always has great deals

I've always wanted to make my own bread, but have been skeptical due to having to follow the recipe and knead the dough properly and then having patience while the dough rises.  I decided to search Pinterest for an easy dutch oven bread recipe that does not require any kneading.

The following recipe is from Jo Cooks, a blog I found through Pinterest.  Let me just say that I won't be buying fancy expensive bread at the grocery store anymore.  This was so easy and delicious.

No Knead Dutch Oven Crusty Bread
This is a picture of my masterpiece.

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp dry active yeast
1 1/2 cups water at room temperature

1.  Mix all dry ingredients in a large bowl. 
2.  Pour the water into the bowl and mix until well incorporated.
3.  Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave on the counter for 12-18 hours.
4.  Pre-heat the oven to 450 F degrees.  Place the dutch oven/cast iron pot in the oven while the oven 
     is preheating
5.  Remove the pot from the oven and remove the lid.  Sprinkle some flour on the bottom of the pot.
6.  Flour your hands really well and sprinkle some flour on the dough. 
7.  Gently remove the dough from the bowl and shape into a ball.  
8.  Place the dough ball in the pot, cover it with the lid and place it back in the oven.
9.  Cook 30 minutes with the lid on, remove the lid and cook an additional 15-20 minutes.
10.  Remove cooked bread from the pot and let it cool.

If you try this or any other easy bread recipe, please share your thoughts/recipe in the comments.

Have a great week,

Friday, November 17, 2017

Holiday Party...Maybe

I was thinking about what I would wear to a casual Christmas party, in the event that my hubby and I get invited to one this year.  A white wool coat, light pink clutch and glitter pump, paired with dark skinny jeans, are exactly what I had in mind.  Click on each picture for more details.
These exact items are pretty pricey, so check out these links for similar versions: White Coat, Pink Clutch, Glitter Pump, Pointy Toe Pump

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hair Goals

As I mentioned in my first blog post, I recently set some new goals for myself.  Let's break down my first goal:  Grow some long, beautiful locks like I had in my younger years.

My wedding 6 years ago was the longest my hair has been in a long time and I am ready to go there again...and beyond.  I pretty much had every hairstyle know to a child growing up in the 80's.  As I've gotten older, color and highlights have contributed to dry and damaged locks.

Step one to reach this goal is to get my hair healthy again using a good shampoo and conditioner.  I recently read about Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Moisture Conditioner and thought I would give it a try. One word...Fabulous.  I've only been using them a little over two weeks and can definitely see and feel a difference.  They're a little pricey, but well worth it.

Step two is to learn how to properly use dry shampoo.  I consulted my hair stylist on this one and got a brief tutorial...Shake...Spray...Rub.  I love Philosophy products, so I purchased Philosophy Pure Grace Dry Shampoo, which smells wonderful.

Step three is to stop using a flat iron on my hair every day and incorporate a round brush into my drying routine.  There was quite the learning curve when I started this on a daily basis, as I didn't know how to get my arms to maneuver properly.  I'm working on this and making progress.

Finally, I need to have some patience and let nature take its course. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'm a Blogger?

Hello there, blogging world!  This is my first public attempt at blogging and I'm still wondering if anyone will really care enough to read this, but I've decided to jump in feet first (pencil style, of course) and have fun with it.

I'm Meg, a wine and pizza lover, living life to the fullest in Pennsylvania with my amazing hubby and two adorable 3 year old twin fur-babies, Lil Buddy and Doodle.  I was born in Charlotte, NC and moved to Lancaster, PA when I was around one.  In my mind, this makes me a true southern belle.  After graduating from West Chester University in the 90's, I decided to stay in the area and find a low paying teaching job.

While I love fashion, I wouldn't say I'm the most fashionable.  Since I turned 40, I've been reevaluating my clothing and hair style.  I'll document the journey on here, unless I forget the password and don't blog anymore after today.

I love bike riding at the beach, the smell of fall candles, trying new recipes that usually don't turn out as planned, pretending to be crafty, Utz chips with light dill dip and spending time with my family and friends.

My family members are my best friends and my best friends are family. first post.  I'm proud of myself.  Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate it.