Friday, December 1, 2017


Looking through family photo albums always brings back great memories of my childhood and rekindles nostalgic feelings.  Growing up, my mom always had a camera in her hand.  From yearly milestones to family gatherings, she always captured a snapshot of our lives.  Waiting impatiently for 35mm film to be sent out, developed, and returned was a common event in our house.  My mom would spend hours dating the pictures and strategically placing them into photo albums...129 to be exact.

My love of taking pictures started at a young age.  When I received a Polaroid camera, I went snap happy...keeping in mind that film was expensive and I only got 10 pictures per pack.  No one in my family was off limits.

Fast forward to the age of digital photography where we can take unlimited photos until we get the "perfect" one.  We can change filters, remove finkles (those are my forehead wrinkles) and edit endlessly until we have a masterpiece.

With all that said, blogging has re-sparked my interest in photography and has ignited some creative juices.  I've had a DSLR for years and have always used the automatic setting.  Until now, switching the dial to "M" and learning about ISO, aperture and shutter speed had been too scary for me.

I've started my research and am taking steps to becoming a more imaginative photographer.  Dusting off my tripod and purchasing a wireless remote control for my camera are two forward steps I've already taken in this mission.

I apologize to my two photogenic cats, as they will be my muses while I begin this journey.

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