Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Let's Blog Again

I can't believe the 1 year anniversary of PA Southern Belle is about a week away.  While I have slacked a bit the past 6 months in my posts, I'm excited to begin a new chapter with year #2.

As someone who was not a fan of writing in my younger years, blogging has given me a new creativity challenge that I've eagerly accepted.  Determining the focus of each post will most likely be my biggest hurdle...but I'm ready and armed with my overly organized brainstormed list of ideas.

My goal is to blog 3-4 days a week...starting today.  (My original goal was 5 days a week.  I wrote it down, read it, laughed at the thought, knew it wouldn't happen, and changed the goal to something a little more reasonable for me.)

Post topics will vary from fashion to home decor to recipes to items I love...including my cats.  Most likely, I'll be the only person reading these posts and that's OK with me.  I'm just proud of myself for jumping back into blogging and challenging myself.

I'll leave this post short and sweet for today.  My book club book is giving me the evil eye reminding me I have 327 pages left to read before December 6th.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to Be Kind!


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